Lego and Playmobil professional cycling sets

While browsing around the web I came across a great Tour de France Team Telekom Lego set released in 2000. It is called the “1199 Race Cyclists and Winners’ Podium” and was part of promotional package of Team Telekom.

After posting about this on Twitter I soon discovered that there are all kinds of Lego and Playmobil cycling sets.

First of all, José Been (@TourDeJose) pointed out that this was exactly part of a set of four. It seems that 1196, 1197, 1198 and 1199 are all part of a Team Telekom promotional package.

Then Ron Kleijnen (@RonKleijnen) pointed out that there is also a Playmobil collection. Ron pointed me to #4994 after which is quickly discovered that both #4994 and #4995 are part of a Team Telekom promotional set.

Mark Young (@miyoung9999) pointed me to a special Vuelta Playmobil set with number #3090.

There is also a couple of older sets from Playmobil with cyclists, #3846 has just a single cyclist, #3847 has a motor TV crew and #3849 has three cyclist with a podium.

Start collecting! 🙂

You can even order personalized Lego cycling figures, Chris Froome and Team Sky and/or the Paralympics GB squad on

All the different Lego and Playmobil items are visible below:

Playmobil #4995

Playmobil #3090

Playmobil #3846

Playmobil #3847

Playmobil #3849

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