Windows Phone and the WriteableBitMapEx

I was investigating the use of the WriteableBitmap class and came across a great extension pack WriteableBitMapEx.

This also pointed me to a great demo written by Bill Reiss, explaining Blitting and Blending of images with the WriteableBitmap class. His original example was written in Silverlight and I was interested to see how easy it would be to port it to the Windows Phone and see how the performance would be.

Well it was really easy! I didn’t need to rewrite any code and hadn’t any problems with performance (in the emulator – Sadly enough i don’t have an actual Windows Phone yet)!

Here is the result:

Particle Windows Phone demo from Bjorn Kuiper on Vimeo.

Try it out yourself, here is the sourcecode of the Windows Phone solution:

Download the sourcecode.

Windows Phone development made easy! I love it that I don’t need to learn a new programming language to make my own phone apps!

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